Extimacy in Costa Rica

Extimacy meditation on location in Costa Rica! It was so fun to work with an international yogi, and get new insights with Sensoree technology last week in Costa Rica. We were excited “pink” that he was game to lead a meditation in the Mood Sweater design.

SENSOREE Mood Sweater’s high, collar is embedded with lights that bathe the wearer in color-based biofeedback while simultaneously communicating emotions to others promoting extimacy – externalizing intimacy – relaying feelings to the outside world through the language of light and color.

On our trip, we studied the fundamentals of optimal performance and wellbeing by taking a variety of lessons with various experts to find the common root.

First we tried Stand Up Paddleboard with the Champion of Costa Rica, Edith Garcia. She instantly gave us her rules:

  1. Breathing, help the body to relax.
  2. Look straight ahead.
  3. The top arm, always straight
  4. Trust.
    Pura vida!

Those rules were definitely successful. We ended up SUPing until the sun went down.

Then, we found that our scuba instructor Miquel from Montezuma Crew and Stefano Allegri, our yoga teacher also had very similar advice. Here is the collective advice for all three activities:

  1. Focus on the Breath
  2. Look straight ahead
  3. Keep your form
  4. Trust

Stefano, the Yogi, had more insight into breathing techniques like the idea that you can inhale from your ears and 3 dimensionally in your ribcage. He also stated how breathe is personal with the goal to lengthen the inhale and the exhale. Finally, relaxing the face was integral. We thought about our faces the rest of the trip. Zen face, zen mind. Or is it zen mind, zen face? That is something to not think about. Empty the thoughts already and breath!

In the scuba lesson, the instructor advised to look and listen to the bubbles from the exhale. Then, everything is fine. It was true. I loved those bubbles! After my dive, he said my face totally changed. Maybe we should add #5. Face? But perhaps that is more of a result? Face!

If you are interested in Extimacy at your retreat, or would like us to help organize optimal wellbeing for you, please contact [email protected] We would love to assist you in planning a special event. Thank you!

Kristin Neidlinger, the founder of Sensoree, teaching the yogi about extimacy and then after the mediation. It was a very special experience to be in Costa Rica and hear the waves from the Yoga studio at Flor Blanca. The yogi even found that he is very excited “red” even when he predicted he would be very calm “blue.” Surprise!