You are invited to Digital Fancies! Try the featured Mood Sweater at London Tech Week!

DIGITAL FANCIES: Bioresponsive E-Textiles and 3D Printing in Fashion

Experience the future of digital fashion delectables by
Sensoree : ModeClix : Digital Interlooping : OurOwnSkin : Digits2Widgets : E-Stitches

E-Stitches featured designers Rachel Freire & Melissa Coleman, Bushra Burge, Maartje Dijkstra, Irene Posch & Ebru Kurbak and Rain Ashford

Meet the designers!

Special opening event with food and drinks: Friday 15th, June, from 6pm – 10pm onwards. Order tickets here.

All day exhibition: Saturday 16th, June, 10am to 5pm. Free Entry. Sign up for Extimacy Mood Experience here. This is a 30-minute tour for groups of 3 to don the Mood Sweater and experience the exhibit. Show how you feel as you witness bleeding edge future fashions!

Event location
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61-63 Rochester Place
London NW1 (JU


Featured at London Tech week, you are invited to wear the Sensoree Mood Sweater bioresponsive fashion and experience a taste of the future of fabrics!


Organized by Digits2Widgets and Sensoree as part of London Tech Week.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone interested in understanding the present and immediate future applications of technology to fashion and is inspired by Digital Fancies!

See you there!